Welcome to your new chapter

This page is specially created for you, the youth of Grace and Mercy Ministries, the ones who are ready for change. The one with a dream and vision for a greater and better future. The ones who want more in life. The ones who are not determined by their past or their environment. The ones who are capable of great things. I believe in you and her is some resources to help you in your quest for knowledge. Knowledge that you will use to transform your life for the better. Start here and start now.

The world of work is changing and the skills we need are changing too

Why use this page?

Find Resouces

This will be a live page with resources which can help you learn and grow to better your life.


Provide any feedback/challenges/comments/suggestion as your progress on your journey.

Each section below is resources to get you started. The most important to understand is the AI section, start there. Learn that and everything will be easier

Artificial Intelligence(AI)

Here are some tools that are important in helping you to learn, undestand and grow in the world we currently live in. 

Start by learning how you use these chatbots/language learning modules as assistants to help you learn any skill. 

Try typing this once you are registered…
“Teach me how to use chatGPT or Gemini in the best way to help me in learning **** or to help me find a job as a **** “

See the results and grow from there.

Please sign up on any of these (Gemini is my recommnedation) then start by asking any question you have in line with your career.

Gemini (by Google)



The Founders Club

Digital Literacy
Here is a good point if you want to really understand the digital economy as a wholeGoogle Digital Skills

Meta Certification (Facebook, Instgram, WhatsApp)


Neil Patel

Software Development
Social Media

Learning how social media platforms can be a way to create an sustainble income. You can be able to make a living from each platform, all you need is time and knowledge (applied)

TikTok University

YouTube Creators Academy

Leruo Theledi (Instaram Guru)

How to start a podcast

The Founders Club(Making $10k using social media)

Thinking Skills
Online Learning Platforms

Microsoft Mzansi Digital






Plato University




Free Audit

Start With a Free SEO Audit

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